Are you here because you care for your legacy? You want your photographers to know you like your friends do? Or you maybe here because of the emotions, the authenticity, the energy that you see in my photos? Whatever you are here for, I am glad you are! 

We want to capture your stories, not just pictures. 

The Experience

Looking back at my wedding day, I loved to have my sister in law, Michelle, there to capture our day. Even though we had just a small ceremony in the church with 20 people, I appreciated that someone knew me and Michael, my husband, was there to help us with photography instead of a complete stranger. I know that not everyone is lucky enough to have a sister in law who does photography like I had Michelle. But you don’t have to work with strangers! Let’s get to know each other!

We are not just wedding photographers, we 
are storytellers!

Next step: Booking


We don’t mess around. Our goal is to know you, know your stories so on your wedding day, we reflect your stories in our photography. So we grab every precious chance that we have to get to know you. From our coffee meeting, we want to talk to you about you and your fiance. Or your dogs. Or your cats. Whatever is important to you on your wedding day, we wouldn’t want to miss it. We hope we can be friends with you by the end of our meeting :)

Let's grab coffee!

Next step: Engagement Session


It’s official!!! We are your storyteller, now what? You don’t have to wait long for your customized proposal to arrive in your inbox, where you can answer some fun questions (like the last name that you will be changing into, your wedding venue…) and be able to sign your contract and pay the deposit. All will be stored in your personal portal, so you can access them anytime instead of searching through hundreds of emails. No paper involved! Go green or go home, right?

Sign on the dotted line.

Next step: Your Story


It will be about 1.5 hour with the location of your choice. I know, I know, your fiance may not like pictures taken. But I will assure him that it is not like any other photo experience where the photographers tell him to look at the camera and smile. We want to capture your feelings for one another, not your fake smiles. So the engagement session with us is nothing more than an outing with friends, where you will express your feelings for each other - you can’t fake that - while I capture everything. Elegant outfits are a plus, emotion is a must.

Engagement session!

Next step: Wedding Timeline


We know your stories are not just simply being told within one or two hour meeting with me at the coffee shop. So we would love to know more! We know that your wedding may not be possible without a few other people. So we would love it if you introduce us to people who are important to you. We want to serve them well, too, and make sure they are happy. Your fiance is more to you than his “pretty smile, beautiful eyes, and care,” we would love to hear about how you feel when you see those smiles, when you look into those eyes, what he does to show that he cares.

More about your story. 

Next step: The Wedding Day


You don’t have to work on your wedding timeline alone! This may be your first wedding that you plan for, but we do one wedding almost every week. So we may know a thing or two ;) So two months before your wedding day, if you need help constructing your wedding timeline to ensure everything will go smoothly, let us help you! If cakes don’t make that easier, I don’t know what is. Sitting down with cakes and coffee to talk about timeline sounds perfect to me, does it to you?

We are here for you!

Next step: Photo Delivery


We can’t wait to see you in that beautiful wedding dress that you carefully picked out! Or your fiance, who is about to become your husband in a few hours, rocking that tux! So we are always early! We want you to not worry about anything except for getting married. We will scout the venue to come up with the best spots for pictures, the perfect way for you to have the first look with your Dad, the beautiful lighting setup for your warm, dimmed reception hall… And to get to know everyone who is important to you… by names. By the end of the night, everything may be a blur to you. But it is not to us :)

Your wedding day is here!

First step: Let's meet


 We edited your photos ourselves, individually, throughout all hundreds of those. Your photos are beautifully packed and handed to you in person by us (we get to see each other more!!! yayy!!!) instead of a mailman. We will sit down with you then to go through your photo selection for the heirloom albums - the elegantly crafted piece of memories that you will pass down to generations to come.

Your photos are ready!

Our experience starts on the day we first meet!

The Process

Let's Chat!

We got you! To us, every couple is very unique and certainly different. Your pictures should be too. Click below or shoot me an email to

Love to make memories but hate the posing? 

Want something authentic and speaks “YOU”? 

View Jana and XXX Wedding »

Not only was she amazing to work with on the wedding and the months leading up to it, she is one of the sweetest and most genuine people I have ever met. She met and exceeded every expectation we had or could have thought of. She was readily available for questions or to bounce ideas off of. She is someone you can trust wholeheartedly to capture and re-tell the beautiful story of your wedding. Her second photographer and assistant were outstanding as well! There was nothing left out in the over 1,000 photos we received from her. There is no question that Half a Rice Studios is a top-tier photography crew with an immense passion for their career.“

—Jana Gray

“When we first started looking for photographers, Jill's website stood out substantially from her competition and when we met her, she was even more extraordinary. 

View Janet and XXX Wedding »

I knew from her website the pictures would be great but I never imagined they would look so beautiful and capture emotion so well! Jill made us feel so comfortable as a couple and that made a huge difference in how relaxed and genuine we all look in the pictures!“

—Janet Gate

“Jill was phenomenal! She was an absolute pleasure to work with and eased my concerns about the backyard venue and how it would photograph.

View Rachel and Chris’ Wedding »

She stayed in constant communication with me to ensure that every detail was taken care of. She put time into getting to know me and my husband, and captured our story and personalities in every photo she took. Very personable, outgoing and a joy to take pictures with. By wedding day, I felt like Jill was one of our guests, not just our photographer. The pictures were amazing! Every one of them. As we went through each photo, it felt like we were there, reliving our wedding day. “

—Rachel Boesen

“I don’t even know where to begin! Jill was such a pleasure to work with. She made me and my husband feel completely comfortable throughout the entire process–like we have been friends for years!

View Hannah and Alan's Wedding »

She always responded immediately to any emails or questions we had. She arrived early on the day of the wedding and captured amazing detail shots of our venue. Our wedding guests couldn’t stop raving about how friendly and great she was. She even took the time to learn most of our family's names. Everyone was so impressed. Jill was amazing at directing everyone in the group photos and made posing feel natural and comfortable. The gallery she sent is gorgeous and there are so many pictures so we get the complete memory of our big day. “

—Hannah Songer

“Jill is absolutely amazing! I’m so so happy we found her and got to have her photograph our wedding. She was very attentive throughout the whole process. She took the time to get to know us and our story. 

Our clients LOVE us!

Contact Jill

We carefully curate each of our package to suite your needs and desire, however, every wedding is different. We don’t expect your story to be the same with someone else’s so is the price. Let’s sit down together, sip on some coffee and talk about your wedding! 

Our wedding packages start at $2,900.


I understand that not everyone did modeling before. So I will pose you whenever you need me to. Just be yourselves and enjoy one another, I will take care of the rest.

We are not very good with photos; can you help us?

The marrying couple and their families and friends are very important to me, so I would want to do anything in my power to make the day perfect for the couples and their loved ones. Of course that includes taking pictures of your mom and her siblings. 

My mom loves to take some photos with her siblings, can you help us with that? 

I don’t like the idea of turning your day into how I imagine it, so no, I don’t have a suggested timeline 

Definitely my experience and personality. I hope you read my reviews before booking to see what my couples said about me. My ultimate goal is to make you feel special ☺

What makes you unique?

My style is bright, vibrant, classic, bold and authentic. I love to capture the real moments that my couples will cherish forever, I also like to create art that is unique to each of them. 

How do you describe your style?

No, I am not a natural light photographer! I like to use the available light when the condition allows and I also have my own lighting so you don’t have to worry if your reception hall is dark. We got you!

Are you a natural light photographer?

My favorite part is when everyone forget that I am a photographer/an outsider and just be themselves expressing their love to one another. In order to do that, I get to know my couples very well and become their friends. 

What is your favorite part of the wedding day?

All the photos I will deliver to you are in high resolution and already individually edited. So if you like my portfolio and love my editing style, you don’t need the raw files. They only make your computer run slower as they are super heavy ;)

Do you give out raw files?

8 weeks

What is the turnaround time for photos?

Do you have a suggested timeline?

What do you want to know?

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