Hannah & Alan | Backyard Wedding in Tomball, TX

How they met:

Alan and Hannah started as friends. Roommates actually. When Alan first met Hannah, she was still dating a good friend of Alan. Since they were roommates, they got to know one another and became really good friends. Then Hannah broke up with the said friend. Alan was out of town at the time and the first thing he did when he got back was making sure Hannah was ok, and that their friendship was not compromised because of the break up.

And it was not.

They hung out more and grew closer. Alan realized he had got feeling for this beautiful girl but he waited. He does not want to confess it to Hannah right away. Times passed. They met up one day at a dog park. It was pouring rain but Alan really wanted to hang out with her so he made Hannah and Zeke, her dog, get out of the car and walk around the dog park while being soaking wet 🙂 “We sat on the peer looking over Colorado River, and I told her that my feelings had grown pretty strong, and that although I was about to be gone for 3 weeks leading a hiking trek for a summer camp, that I wanted to date her when I came back. She agreed! We talked, and wrote a few letters back and forth while I was gone, and started dating in earnest when I got back. ” – Alan said.

How he asked:

Hannah and Alan was on a trip to Mexico to celebrate Hannah’s graduation in December of 2018. At that point, they were talking about being engaged and building life together. However, Alan just started a job and it would have been a while until he could afford a ring. When they were planning for the trip, Hannah actually banned Alan from even thinking about proposing on the trip – she knew him!

One day in Mexico when they were at a bar by the beach right before it closed down. There were drunk men singing. There was moonlight shining down. There were Hannah and Alan sitting on the beach. Alan said for the 4th time that day that it was really dumb that a ring is the thing that stopped them from being engaged. She agreed. And he did the most unexpected thing ever: he pulled some palm leaves fallen next to them and braided them into a ring and proposed. “She thought I was still joking, and was laughing at first, but all the sudden she realized that might not be the case and asked “Wait…are you serious?”. I told her I was and she freaked out a little bit, repeating “Oh! I don’t know what to say, what do I say, I don’t know what to say!!” over and over again. Finally, I interrupted her and suggested “How about yes?” ” – And Hannah said “Yes!”

And he put the “ring” on her finger.

They then needed some engagement pictures. So a good friend, Hannah Swift – another Hannah!, was helping them out with the pics. “After my friend told us where to stand and started shooting, Alan pulled out a little photo album book he had gotten printed out with pictures of us and sweet notes on each page. The last page in the book said “You still need a real ring…” – Hannah told me. And as soon as she looked up, Alan was on his knee again asking “Will you still marry me?” with a real diamond ring. Not every girl is as lucky as Hannah to have 2 engagement rings, and she still kept the palm ring after all of that time 🙂

The Wedding day:

I arrived at Alan’s grandparents house in Tomball, TX and couldn’t help being amazed by the set up. It looked like a beautiful outdoor wedding venue instead of somebody’s backyard. Both Hannah and Alan were getting ready and they couldn’t look ore excited to be married to each other. Their friends and family helped out with the decoration and set up, everything felt so warm and beautiful.

Right before Hannah was ready to walk down the aisle, rain started to pour even though the forecast said it was 0% chance of rain. It may have been unfortunate because all of the set up was wet, but to me after hearing their dog park story, I thought it was meant to be! I think that was a way that God or whoever above us told us that Hannah and Alan were set for each other from that day they were at the dog park.

The rain was brief and the sun came out again afterward. The ceremony was very sweet and Alan couldn’t keep his eyes off of Hannah.

They had a great night talking to close friends and families and then danced the night away.

Talented Vendors:

All things were provided by friends and families of Hannah and Alan.

Photography by me 🙂




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