Connor & Hannah | Proposal at Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park

When Connor contacted me to shoot his surprised proposal to Hannah, I was beyond excited! I showed up on the day at the location we discussed early so I could get situated and have everything ready. You know, it was a surprised proposal, if one thing had gone wrong, the moments would have been gone forever.

Connor and Hannah showed up in the exact outfits that Connor told me (and FYI, the entire morning we were texting back and forth secretly so Hannah would not know). Connor told me that he would give me a call when he arrived and I would be “Kyle from work” so Hannah would not be suspicious.

I saw them walking toward the spot. From afar, I could tell that Connor was extremely nervous. After all, he was going to propose to the love of his life. AND. LIFE. WOULD. NOT. BE. THE. SAME.  The approached the waterfall, and I was about 100ft away from them pretending I was just a normal visitor at the park who was particularly interested in shooting birds (LOL). Connor said a lot to Hannah and at some point I thought he was not going to do it. But he kneeled. And he pulled a ring out from his pocket.

I clicked my camera like crazy while approaching them and I could see on Hannah’s face the surprise and HAPPINESS. She couldn’t believe it! As much as she wanted to say yes, tears just kept coming out of her eyes that made her could not speak. So she nodded. She nodded so many times and even did a little jump of overwhelming happiness. And then all I could hear was “Are you serious?? Are you serious?? YESS YESS YESS. I am so happy!!!”


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