Kimberly and Brad’s Rustic Wedding at The Spring Magnolia

I met Kimberly and Brad after my sister in law, Michelle, introduced us. Kimberly was working at the same elementary school with Michelle. We met on a Sunday afternoon at a Starbucks in Tomball, TX. My first impression about them were they couldn’t keep their eyes off of each other. And Kimberly had the BEST hair! They both had sweet personality and were a little playful ;).

Brad found Kimberly on and messaged her.  He could only have her email address since Kimberly was not 100% trusting online dating.  Their conversations were on hold for a few months until Kimberly backed on Match. He messaged her again! They had a few phone conversations both realized they had a lot in common with regards to how they were raised and their life philosophies and love of family.  So….they met for coffee (and just like me, Kimberly was not a coffee  person) after he headed home from a fishing trip. They walked and talked their way around Vintage Park for a few hours and began dating… the rest is history.

It was Christmas morning, 2017, at Kimberly’s parents’ home and in front of her entire family, Brad gave her a gift that looked like a shoe box. After digging through the box, she saw a tiny gray box. Then when she looked up, Brad was on his knee.

I arrived at The Spring Venue around 4pm to start photographing the wedding. Kimberly gave me a big hugged when I walked into her room. She already finished with her make-up. “You look so gorgeou!”, I said. And Kimberly with a happy smile of a lady who was about to marry the love of her life, said “Thank you!” Her mother, daughter and friends were there to help Kimberly get ready. Kimberly’s daughter, Madelene, was her maid of honor. Brad was ready upstairs after he had greeted a few friends. Brad was well-prepared for a Texas summer outdoor wedding and carried a towel that said “hot groom” with him. The wedding was beautiful despite the heat. Everybody had fun and the dance floor was full for the most of the reception.


Jill Goehring

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Photography: Half a Rice Studios

HMUA: Define Hair Studio

Cake: HEB

Venue: The Springs Magnolia


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