David and Kelsey’s DYI Wedding at The Grand Hall in Conroe, TX

I knew David back in college when we both attended the University of Houston. He was a year ahead of me so we had no class together but we interacted more in Beta Alpha Psi, the organization that we were both in and where he was an officer. My impression of him was he was smart, very nice and helpful. We did not talk much afterwards. Five years later, when I saw his post on Instagram that he had just proposed to his girlfriends, Kelsey, I said “Congratulations.” And at the same time, I followed Kelsey on Instagram hoping to get to know this awesome girl that David just engaged to. A couple weeks later, Kelsey reached out saying that they wished to consider me to be their wedding photographer. I could not be more excited!

I met David and Kelsey sometimes in the middle of March when the weather was still nice and the day was not that long. They shared with me that they wanted a June wedding. The venue was already booked and it would be a DIY wedding. I was amazed by the idea because both of them were really busy (David was an accountant at a big oil and gas company and Kelsey is a school teacher). But I was beyond delighted to have another DIY wedding!

I arrived at the wedding venue for a mid day wedding. It was June in Texas so the weather was a little “warmer” than the rest of the year. But boy! David and Kelsey were charms during the entire wedding. They had their wedding in the barn with no AC but both of them never stopped smiling. Especially at each other!

Please enjoy David and Kelsey’s rustic chick wedding at The Grand Hall at Deer Lake Lodge. Kelsey did all of the flower arrangement and they both hand poured the candle jars.




Venue: The Grand Hall at Deer Lake Lodge, Conroe, TX

Tuxedo: Men’s Wearhouse

Cake: Vernele’s Bakery

Officiant: Pastor Robert Durham

Rings: James Allen

Invitation: Vista Print

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