Nikki and James Fun and Energetic Wedding in Sugar Land, TX

Nikki consistently told Stephanie, a good friend of hers, “No” when she tried to set Nikki up with her roommate. Just right before Stephanie was ready to give up, she asked Nikki one last time to meet this guy, if things had not worked out, she would have never asked again. Nikki then tried to make her friend happy by agreeing to go to this date, a group date. Who would want an awkward one-on-one date with a guy you try to reject for a year, right? Here we are at the Cheesecake Factory, with Stephanie and Deanna (another good friend) being the third and forth wheel (the order did not really matter), Nikki thought the “date” was awful. And she didn’t want to meet James again. She then ignored so many calls. In her defense, she was busy for finals.

And then one day, the delivery guy just showed up at Nikki’s doorstep. She got some flowers from James wishing her best of luck on her finals. He had asked Deanna for Nikki’s address and sent the flowers. Little did he know, this was how their journey began. Nikki decided to gave him a chance and fell in love. Seven years later, walking down the aisle is Nikki who could not be happier marrying James. #partytilsunrises

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