Lily and Dustin Backyard Wedding

Lily and Dustin chose to have an intimate, cute backyard wedding when the weather was still great. It was early April, everything was perfect: The air was clear, it gets to low 70 at night, the sky could not be any more blue… I arrived at the wedding and introduced myself to Lily and Dustin as we have never met before. Another photographer, Cortney, reached out to me as she will be attending the wedding as a guest and could not help them documenting the day. So there I was. Lily was still in on of the bathrooms to touch up her makeup and Dustin was finishing the decoration in the backyard. Lily’s family were chilling in the back patio with their dog, Max. Things were so calm. And they remain calm for the rest of the evening until the reception 🙂

Please enjoy Lily and Dustin’s beautiful day 🙂

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Jill Goehring


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