Hien & Antoine | Wedding at Kim Son, Houston TX

How they met: The story of Hien and Antoine began in winter of 2009 when Hien’s sister, Ngan, asked Hien to go to NYC with her and some friends. Hien, at the time, had never been to NYC so she said “Yes!” Little did she know, Antoine tagged along his brother, Bao – Ngan’s friend, on the same trip. They…

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Hien & Antoine | Bridal Session at Chateau Cocomar, Houston TX

Bridal session is a great opportunity for couples to have more pictures taken with the wedding dress, which the bride spends weeks or even months to find. On the wedding day, things are usually hectic and a 2 hour session with your wedding dress is something very luxury. That was why Hien and Antoine had this session at a very…

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Hannah & Alan | Backyard Wedding in Tomball, TX

How they met: Alan and Hannah started as friends. Roommates actually. When Alan first met Hannah, she was still dating a good friend of Alan. Since they were roommates, they got to know one another and became really good friends. Then Hannah broke up with the said friend. Alan was out of town at the time and the first thing…

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