Nikki and James Fun and Energetic Wedding in Sugar Land, TX

Nikki consistently told Stephanie, a good friend of hers, “No” when she tried to set Nikki up with her roommate. Just right before Stephanie was ready to give up, she asked Nikki one last time to meet this guy, if things had not worked out, she would have never asked again. Nikki then tried to make her friend happy by…

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Linh & Anh Engagement Session – Downtown Houston

Linh and Anh were a great couple! They had fun together, laughed together, always cared for each other. Anh could make Linh laugh so easily, Linh loved everything that Anh did for her. I had a great session with both of them and it was not hard to get geniune smiles out of this cute couple. For inquiry: 713-391-4351…

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